Optimus Financial Services, LLC is a professional service provider specializing in guiding companies through the most challenging situations and projects. Our professionals value action and results and drive change through a straightforward approach.
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Optimus Financial Services is ready to help you today. Our representatives are ready to respond to any questions you may have.

Many companies and business leaders do not have the time or resources to find a professional to help them through critical projects or periods of corporate change. From startups to mid-market industries Optimus’s professionals provides your company the opportunity to stay on on track, be focused on what is important and allows you to achieve your goals.

Our philosophy is simple: it is about our passion, our integrity, our expertise and our commitment to our clients. We have a “pay for ourselves” approach. This allows us to provide maximum value to our clients.

Our standard project engagement requires the same approach but each requires a different and well defined execution plan.

Our approach is simple:
Thoroughly examine and define what is required.
Gather the necessary resources.
Provide a mutually agreed upon execution plan.
Clearly communicate our progress and results.
Redefine the plan if needed.
Deliver on our promises and achieve results.

We believe strongly in scoping each engagement thoroughly. This up front due diligence provides the client a “layered” execution plan. This “layered” plan approach and our constant communication throughout the engagement provides the client options. Our clients have the flexibility and maneuverability to attack their situations in the most cost effective manner while still achieving their results. We strive to pay for ourselves and in the majority of our engagements we do. See our solutions page for some examples.

Optimus Financial Services, LLC
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