Optimus Financial Services, LLC is a professional service provider specializing in guiding companies through the most challenging situations and projects. Our professionals value action and results and drive change through a straightforward approach.

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Our interim management services and projects are always a success due to our high caliber of talent and our result oriented approach. We strive to maximize value to our clients through paying for ourselves. This is done through several services and some examples are below:

Our interim CFOs discovered refinancing options and provided lines of credit
which resulted in significant savings to the client and improved cashflow even when the client had no intention of restructuring debt.

Our turnaround professionals have helped companies in bankruptcy implement an exit plan, source and complete financing which were successful in advising the companies out of Chapter 11.

Our due diligence services have resulted in providing timely, comprehensive packages to our clients which we summarized for senior lenders to secure financing. In each deal our approach saved our clients more than they paid for our services.

Our crisis managers have negotiated millions in transactions which have resulted in significant reductions and increased cashflow. Our results have always paid for our services.

Our audit preparation services and templates have resulted in more efficient, successful audits and less fees. Once the client adopted our process they were more effective and accurate during month end.

Our advanced cash forecasting tools have resulted in increased working capital and better relationships with lenders. This has led to more favorable credit facilities.

Delivering superior results, paying for ourselves and maximizing value for our clients is a success shared by all.

Optimus Financial Services, LLC
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